Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 25, 2011

Well, Abbey got her braces off today! She was so excited. They were kind of rough taking them off so she was relieved when it was over. She does have to keep one band in the very back on, to wait for one last tooth to come in. But at least everything visible is off. She continues her no sweets diet in order to get 500 dollars at the end of a year from her Dad. She is about two weeks in. A lot better than I can do. I am such a chocoholic.
Mom got knee surgery on Monday and she is doing quite well. She told the doctor that she feels great and he asked her if she wanted him to kick it. Ha. He also told her it is still surgery so she should take it easy.
Dad helped me scan in some old slides of the Roberts' family. He has a scanner that will scan slides and negatives. So far between him and I, we have scanned in about 300. Now I have to label all of them. Yeah!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Decker Family

We all managed to be together for a family picture on New Years Eve. It's hard to have everyone in one place at one time; Especially as the family grows. We had a nice time being together.

Another New Year!

Christmas is over. The second half of last year was a blur. We really did do lots of things. I really need to add photos. Some day I will. I wish I was better at keeping up a journal. I thought blogging would be easier. My life story is pretty much told through pictures. At least I have good intentions. Its funny how when you are kid the time passes so slowly and you think Christmas and birthdays are so far away. Now, I blink my eye and I am another year older. My kids are growing up too fast.
I have been reading War and Peace. Besides being the longest book ever, I have learned alot about the war of 1812 in Russia and some good lessons in life. When we have the least and worry about what is really important in life, we are the happiest. If we can realize that for the most part there is someone out there in this world with much bigger problems than us, we can't feel sorry for ourselves.
I'm grateful for the Saviors atoning sacrifice for me. I'm no where near perfect, but with his help hopefully I can be someday. It is hard to comprehend the love he has for each one of us. I hope I can have a fraction of that love for my family and fellowmen.
It's going to be a good year!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Grand Canyon, Arizona

We had a Grand time at the Grand Canyon. We left at 7am so that we could beat the heat and the crowds and it worked. We hiked and rode the buses when we were tired. Grandpa Decker gets a new National Park medal to put on his hiking stick every time he goes to a new park.
Some of the Decker Gang!
Waiting for the Tram.
Paula and the girls.
Maryjane and Jennie
John Paul and Elle, Ice Cream, Yummy!

The Matthew Decker Family
Four Daniel Boons! Wendy, Treya and Brittani Smithson and Abbey
Jerreed and Emily

Adam Decker chillin out!

John Paul and Matt
Grandma Decker and gang.
Craig and Paula
Paul (Dad) and Steve
Craig and Seth
Jerreed and Emily